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A minimum of 2 scheduled hours with 2 therapists is required for
each session/event at the time of booking.

A session can accommodate only one massage type, that being either
all seated massages or all foot massages.

We also recommend that each session accommodate only one schedule
option, that being either all 30 minute sessions, 20 minute sessions or
15 minute sessions. However, if allowed, your employees may book two
consecutive time slots for additional massage time.

Bookings will be quoted and invoiced up to the nearest 30 minutes.


Therapists will make every effort to massage the numbers of staff
quoted in the required time period and where possible, any additional
people on the day. However Massage At Work cannot be held responsible
for fewer massages completed due to the recipients not being ready.

We will make all effort to be punctual both with our start and finish
times of the booked appointments. We request the same of our clients.
We understand the workings of the modern corporate office and that
not all appointments run precisely to time. If individuals are unavailable
to be massaged within the booked time, our therapists will seek direction
from the key contact and/or offer their massage to other staff members.



Where the need/desire arises for therapists to continue beyond the
booked time and the therapists are available to do so, they will do so
provided authorization has been granted. The minimum time extension
is 30 minutes.



Confirmed reservations for all Massage At Work sessions require a
50% non-refundable deposit secured with cheque or cash at the time
of booking. Remaining balance is due upon completion of session.

Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment of deposit. Booking
forms must be signed by an authorized person and company stamped.
Fax or email confirmations are acceptable with prior payment.

Where authorized time extensions have been worked, Massage At Work®
will resend an amended invoice to account for the extra time. If payment
has already been processed we will issue an additional invoice for the
extra time worked.

Cheques are to be made payable to The At Work Group Pte Ltd.



We require 72 hours notice of cancellation; otherwise a 50% cancellation
fee will be charged. All due effort will be made to accommodate a change
of date request which will incur no charge provided the 72 hours notice is
given. A change of date will be treated as a new booking and is subject to
standard notice requirements.



Postponement of sessions must be made at least 72 hours prior to event.

Postponement of sessions must be made to Massage At Work in writing
by the person who made the booking. Massage At Work reserves the right
to terminate this contract by giving ample written notice. A full refund
of any unused sessions will be issued to you.



Massage At Work takes no responsibility for any damage of property or
loss of items during or after the session. All guests who wish to experience
a massage should be in good health and have no contraindications.

Massage At Work® takes no responsibility for any injuries.

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